Rules for Radicals, a pragmatic primer for realistic radicals was written in 1971. The short breakdown of these rules is quite simple:

“Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”

“Never go outside the expertise of your people.”

Today, Chriscoveries covered a protest at USYD. Nothing unusual, except a new tactic was employed. They post their suggested rules to facebook… and we’ll be sure to employ them (thanks guys). This is clearly taken very seriously by one Erin, who chased Chriscoveries around the grounds playing loud music on a portable speaker. But she took it a step further! This lovely piece with deathwishes was posted October 13th by Antifascist Action Sydney!

I watched ‘Woke’ fascists destroy a LifeChoice discussion desk

Those who can make us believe absurdities will make us commit atrocities’.

Its still true today. And USYD is allowing it when this happened to me.

shame. shame. you’re defending a nazi you gender traitor.

The women screaming in my face are calling me a gender traitor, shameful, defender of nazis, andpurveyor of wrongthink. I had better just FUCKING MOVE, said an enraged counter protestor, screaming at me through a megaphone, right into my ears (lesson learned, take earplugs).


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