I watched ‘Woke’ fascists destroy a LifeChoice discussion desk

Those who can make us believe absurdities will make us commit atrocities’.

Its still true today. And USYD is allowing it when this happened to me.

shame. shame. you’re defending a nazi you gender traitor.
Yep. That was painful.
Tea spill time.
Emotional control at its finest.
I guess attacking people is fine?
Can’t say I’ve ever wished death on people I disagree with.
Comment by someone without ovaries, but apparently its fine if you have ‘the right thoughts’.
So having a different opinion makes you a nazi? Bit of a stretch isn’t it?
We are brave.
You run and hide.
We’re in this together.
You would have to be really delusional to call this a nazi salute, but its a very convenient narrative. People who dehumanize are lazy.

Stand together

Be the change you want to see